We value exploration and embrace curiosity

"Millions saw the apple fall. Newton asked why."

~ Bernard Baruch

We value exploration and embrace curiosity

"Millions saw the apple fall. Newton asked why."

~ Bernard Baruch

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Apollo Africa is reducing the hassle and cost of connecting local renewable energy producers directly with consumers, creating access to cleaner more cost-effective energy options. Currently, in South Africa, advisory transaction fees involved in procuring renewable energy are substantial. Because of these high costs, opportunities in the private sector have been limited to those companies that can afford these fees. The Apollo Marketplace creates access to renewable energy for businesses of all sizes. 

Apollo is not an energy trader. We don’t buy and sell physical energy. We provide a platform (an “energy marketplace”) for energy buyers and sellers to contract directly with each other. We offer customers access to wholesale energy prices at retail quantities.

A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is an electronic record verifying the origin of energy by a registered renewable energy entity. It is possible to trade a REC worldwide and separately from the electricity grid infrastructure. Consequently, it offers renewable energy producers the potential of an additional revenue stream and buyers of RECs increased green coverage over their operations. RECs can be created and traded over the Apollo Marketplace.


Wheeling is a financial transaction representing the transportation of  third-party electrical energy (kWh) over the Grid. This allows geographically dispersed generators to sell their energy to any eligible customer connected to the power grid. For example, a generator based in the Karoo could wheel energy to a customer in Richards Bay. That customer’s Eskom/ municipal bill would then be credited for the amount of green energy purchased.
  1. Buy electricity at below market rates
  2. Lock in future price escalation; reduce exposure to Eskom price increases
  3. Wheeled electricity brings new private capacity into the power pool reducing the grid strains for everyone.
  4. Local job creation for the development and operations of new power plants
  5. Greener power supply helps protect our climate for future generations
Not directly. There are no infrastructure changes to your electrical supply from wheeling. All your power will continue coming from the power pool, you will just see a credit applied to your Eskom/ Municipal bill. However, the more the private sector starts participating in the procurement of wheeled energy, the more robustly stocked our power pool becomes – helping stabilise the grid for everyone.

Billing is done on monthly total energy productions and consumptions thus mitigating the financial impact of short-term loadshedding intervals.

It typically takes between 6 – 18 months for a new renewables project to be ready to deliver power. 6 months for “shovel ready” projects and 18 months for undeveloped sites.

Because of the incredible uptick in demand for renewables, early contracting of supply capacity is recommended to lock in supply commitments.

A PPA is a “Power Purchase Agreement”. It is a contract to buy power direct from the supplier. 


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